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October 12, 2007



well said! Maybe they can just TRY something without irritants, chemicals, & dyes, and see just how the quality of skin and hair improves. It's really amazing - so thanks, guys, for creating this line!


Well said! It is nice to hear you admit that perhaps parabens aren't so user-friendly (unlike some major spa brands that just quietly took them out, denying it 'til the sun goes down). And as for the new blog--Kiss My Face has long since mastered the art of natural skincare, and it is so nice to now be hearing from the men behind the maddness! Stay fabulous KMF!

L'Aura  Di Salvo

I love your Products, I have buying them for 25 years .
I would really love to get the peach and pear moisture soap in gallons so I don't have to have a pile of small bottles to recycle. I usually buy your products through Frontier Natural Product Co-op. Is there anyway you will be making the gallons available ?
Please let me know.


Always love hearing from a loyal Kiss fan ;-)

We actually DO have those two soaps in the gallon sizes. Ask Frontier if they can order them for you or you may buy them on-line at


I am allergic to soy, so does that mean I'm allergic to Tocopheryl Acetate? Or are there different derivatives of Vitamin E that would be ok for me to us.

Does your Sudz, rough seas organic bar soap have soy in it.

Thank you,


My daughter has several different types of allergies, so I always read the ingredients list very carefully.


I like a company that owns up to its mistakes rather than denying them. Thanks.


Hello. I am new to reading this blog; however, I have been using Kiss My Face products for over a year now. I really enjoy the products, especially the olive oil bar soaps. Even more, I appreciate the company's philosophy and the efforts of spreading important information through posts like these. As I am becoming increasingly more informed on natural products, I find I am looking to ingredient lists once more. I noticed that the KMF Moisture Shave has both methylparaben and propylparaben. I went on your website, and found this blog noting the past use of some parabens. I was wondering if KMF had plans to remove parabens from all products, or if it is necessary to include them in the products?

Thank you so much. All the best!

mineral cosmetics

Excellent post, I myself stick to nothing but all natural beauty products. I am also very aware of the foods I eat as this is one of the main causes of bad health and most skin and odor issues.

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What are the benefits of exclusively using organic / natural personal care products?
I just researched all the ingredients in my regular haircare and skincare products and I'm really shocked at how many of them are classified as possible carcinogens! Will I benefit from choosing organic / natural / herbal / homemade personal care products? Just wondering as I've been using synthetic products all my life and haven't suffered any ill effects. Although natural is probably best in the longterm. What do you guys think?

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Does anyone know where the science is on this question? I have been avoiding them in personal care products but there's a chance they may not be as harmful as originally thought.

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Do you use organic/natural skin care products on your baby?
hi, i can not decide weather it would be a good to use an organic brand/product on my baby or just stick to Johnson's and Johnson's??(eg shampoo, soap, moisturiser)

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Which brands are the best for shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, toothpaste etc. that do not test on animals? Also does anyone know a great mascara that's animal friendly? I've always used great lash by maybelline (my ultimate fav!) but I recently found out they test on animals :(

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Starting a new line of personal care products for adults kids and children?
I want to start a certified organic line of shampoos, body washes, etc. for adults and kids/babies (and even pets).The reason doing this is because I am tired of crappy ingediants.I don't want to poison my kids' bodies.


Yves Rocher has a makeup line that isnt tested on animals or contains animal products!!

Cindy Ashbaugh


I'm ultra-conservative like you describe your middle sister being, and I am into living natural. I didn't know the two were mutually exclusive. In fact, I think there are more liberals in America than conservatives, but most Americans aren't into living natural. Just my thoughts.

Cindy A.

Arlene Aicholtz

Whats up with the hand soap delivery service? It doesn't pop back up after use so its not convient???

colonoscopy risks

I was wondering if KMF had plans to remove parabens from all products, or if it is necessary to include them in the products?

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ALL conservatives in Vermont … not yet anyhow). But I digress …


I didnt realize antifreeze is a natural ingredient....


I love your original Kiss My Face Mouthwash, Certified Organic Aloe Vera. It WORKS! When will you be making it again, because I can't find it anywhere and it is not available anymore for some reason. Please bring it back!

Mary L

I am SO disappointed that you have changed the formula of the Peaceful Patchuli shower gel. Please don't mess with the lotion. You have taken out some of the patchuli fragrance and added water. It is no longer a gel. Profit not big enough? You may lose more than one customer and see what that does to your bottom line.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.

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