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July 09, 2008


Organic Face Care


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In Chicago

I'm a big fan of KMF's Organic face products, the effect they have had on my skin is amazing. Because I'm trying to cut down on the plastic I use, I've been looking for solid shampoos and conditioners. When I saw the ingredients LUSH uses in their solid shampoos and conditioners, I basically gave up looking. Please, please develop a line of solid shampoos and and especially, a solid conditioner that is effective enough to control frizz and add shine while still being light and not oily or waxy. It would be another KMF product I'd be loyal to.


Thanks for the kind words- we love our Organic Face Care products and we're glad you do too. I applaud your attempt to decrease your plastic consumption. We work daily to make our footprint smaller, minimize waste and maximize recycled and sustainable materials. We are making new displays using recycled and earth friendly materials.The new packaging for your favorite face care products is made with recycled paperboard that utilizes wind power. And we've eliminated the (excess paper)"how to" brochure in favor of an educational video on our website. Our corrugate boxes are a minimum of 90% recycled materials. We're working toward utilizing plastics that are not only recyclable but also have a high recycled content. All that said, I'll definitely pass your suggestion on to our product deevlopment team. Thanks for your support; we appreciate it!

San Francisco

Sometimes tweaking or updating a classic product does more harm than good. I miss your old Lavender & Shea Ultra Moisturizer, it absorbed well and protected my skin perfectly. It was the only lotion I used for years and years. Unfortunately, with the new packaging came a new formula which made my skin unhappy and break-out. The new lotion was too greasy and didn't absorb well and I ended up throwing away the full bottle. This horrible formula change was noticed by many others as well from various comments left on boards and forums such as drugstore.com. Please bring back the old formula! Some of your other formulations already cater to customers that need a heavier lotion, why change this one? Hopefully it wasn't the squalane that changed the consistency because it's a good ingredient. I am presently using a different company's product but would switch back in a heartbeat if Kiss My Face's Lavender & Shea Ultra Moisturizer reverted back to the old formula.


Actually, as it turns out, one of your products seems an appropriate dinner for one of my animal friends! My cat, Corry, who is incredibly picky about food and will eat nothing but cat food (not even cat treats!) seems to like the taste of your chinese herb lotion. He can't get enough licking of my hands as I'm headed off to sleep after putting on the lotion. Since lotion doesn't seem the most appropriate of snacks for a cat (anyone really...) I try to keep him from licking too often. Any thoughts? What could be so tasty about this lotion for a cat?

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Nice posted dude I will choose dinner before shampoo just kidding.

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....as small as they are, lip balms are used by millions of people around the globe daily, and having this little reminder can help make a larger impact on our lives, and those of future generations. etc

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Even before, people are looking and choosing products which are natural. Today, choosing natural products and recycling have become more popular because of climate change concerns. Using natural products are good because these won't damage your hair. There are lots of products today that came from recycled materials, like wigs. Hair from wigs is come from human hair.

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In the 70’s- the beginning of the natural food and body care industry- the food you could buy in a health food store was good for you, although there were times we wondered if any one at the company had...

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